Building Async and Cloud Native organizations - Issue #26

GitHub Copilot Chat, Twitter and encryption, GraphQL at LinkedIn and the worst UI interactions

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Stoplight published their guide to REST API Security. Full of tips and tricks to enhance the security of your APIs:

A detailed article from LinkedIn in which they describe how they used their own custom tooling for fetching data from their numerous amount of microservices. When GraphQL came along, it was possible to replace the custom solution with a more standardized implementation:

Coding technicalities

You most likely know the azure cli called az, but did you know there is also the azure developer cli? With the AZ cli you interact with the azure resource manager and you can access the various APIs in Azure.

The Azure Developer CLI helps you in your workflow to code, build, deploy and monitor. It builds on top of the az cli and makes use of templates.

With a simple init, up and down command you can spin up an environment based on a selected template. It can also handle the CICD part for you.

GitHub related

GitHub Universe is announced. November 8 and 9, GitHub will organize their developer event in San Fransisco as well as online.

I just have been invited to the Copilot Chat. This is a chat interface to the editor that's focused on developer scenarios and natively integrates with VS Code and Visual Studio. It understands what code a developer has typed, what error messages are shown, and it's deeply integrated into the IDE. A developer can get in-depth analysis and explanations of what code blocks are intended to do, generate unit tests, and even get proposed fixes to bugs.

I now need to switch between Copilot and ChatGTP, so if there is a direct integration, then that would be a great plus. I hope to play with it and tell you more next time.

BTW, the below tweet shows once more that we can still outsmart AIs 😀 

Want to try it as well? Make sure to signup at and have an active Copilot license. You also need Visual Studio Code for insiders as well as the below plugin.

Computing in general

Remote Teams can be harder to lead than when you are all located in the same room. Josh Tichauer shares his experiences and tactics:

I would have no clue why you would want to use this, but Twitter released an end-to-end encryption for direct messages. Both the sender and the receiver need to be a verified user and you need to opt-in as well. Oh, and only text is supported. Besides that, encryption with a small leftover workforce, no cryptography experts, and a lot of better alternatives; I pass.

Did you hear the joke of a crypto company spending $65 million on an error logging SaaS? It looks like it was no joke after all and (CoinBase?) was having no trouble paying that amount. For a lot of companies, the cost of services can get out of hand pretty quickly. DHH wrote about his experiences:

Helpers and utilities

The joys of UI design; see some challenges ways to interact with your users:

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